Monday, January 23, 2012

TUSAL Jan. 23

I have made progress on my TTAS. Her jacket is stitched!!!  I am now working on completing her scarf and her full skirt. I will NOT do a new start until TTAS is completed. I hope by March to have her finished.

Touching The Autumn Sky for TUSAL

Here is my Ort jar. My little Ort collection so far.....

I am off to visit other TUSAL blogs. I sorry I don't have time to visit everyone I really wish I could. I get tons of ideas and make my wish list longer when I see other projects. :) 
Happy Stitching everyone.

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  1. Pretty ORTs, Debbie! I admire your determination to finish a WIP before starting anything new. I'm SO BAD about having too many projects going at once!

    By the way...would you please repost your comment on my blog? I was clicking something on a new window when that window disappeared and I ended up deleting your comment! *slaps forehead*