Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fun Monday

I am hosting Fun Monday. The topic is favorite food.

My favorite place to eat is Whataburger. I just big puffy heart them!  So once in a great while I get to eat there as a treat and order the #7.  A Whataburger Jr., small fries, and small drink.  Spicy Ketchup rules!!

I am not a great cook and therefore I really don't enjoy it.  Baking cookies is another story, but I can't bake cookies often because I would eat them all by myself. This is not good on the waist line.  At Christmas I make Snickerdoodles and share them with the whole family at my parent's house.

I hope you enjoy playing Fun Monday.  If I missed adding you to the links please let me know. Have fun and looking for someone to host for next week. Bon Appetite.


  1. Can't say I am a fan of this type of food. I do like the hot chips though if freshly made. I also don't really like to cook but I do it. Kids might eat the furniture if I don't feed them. ;-) I will post a little later today. Thanks for hosting. xox

  2. Will they change their recipe and will it taste different with the trans-fat ban? I am a french fry lover -- but quit eating beef about 15 years ago.

  3. I LOVE fast food French fries! They MUST be freshly fried, however. My only requirement, because a soggy, limp French fry is just no yum yums. :(
    Arby's curly fries are my favorite with plenty of Arby's BBQ sauce for dunking. I used to enjoy Rally's and Checker's seasoned fries, but alas, there no longer in my area..... (sadness)
    However, my favorite dish I make myself, is Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie.
    I use fresh ingredients and make enough for plenty of left-overs!
    A comfort food, warm on a chilly night AND my 5 year-old will even eat it!
    So, an occasional snack: fast food fries it is! A week night yummy explosion? Gotta go with Veggie Shepherd's Pie. :)
    Thank you SO much for hosting, sweet Debbie! LOVES!

  4. the fries look great! please add my blog I will put up a quick 2nd post for today. I didnt know who was hosting!

  5. I only just found out who was hosting but I will do a post for it and back date. Get thee behind me french fries I must not be tempted LOL :)

  6. French Fries ! Yum. When we are on the road, I can NOT resist ordering them at the drive-through. Any drive-through ! And now about being late with my post. It's up and running. Sorry I'm so late but this was a crrrraaaazzzy week for me. Thanks for hosting. xxxooo

  7. Hi Debbie, how great it is to see that Fun Monday is still going, it must be 3 or 4 years since I was a regular participant and always enjoyed it.
    I am here today because I have caught up with a dear friend, Pamela "The Dust Will Wait" who has undertaken a blog a day mission and she made mention of your hosting.
    Hope the FM train keeps rolling for years to come, like so many ex bloggers I have succumbed to the "lazy" style of facebook even though I swore for years I would not'
    Keep on blogging!!!!!!